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Something about myself.

Ever since I was a child I was working with pieces of cloth, the leftovers that I got from my mother. With my old manual sewing machine I made many different things: pillows, bedspreads, doll clothing and even clothing for myself. All of these items were often afterwards embroidered and painted.
The sewing courses at school I found terribly boring and I always searched for the limits of the assignments. Unfortunately the teacher not always understood this very well.
When I started working in the care sector, I forgot about the cloth leftovers. However in 1997 this all changed because I became ill. During my illness I rediscovered the cloth leftovers and started making my first and only traditional quilt. Of course I made the obvious beginners mistakes, such as using ordinary needles and thread and "ordinary cloth".
After taking a few courses I really got the taste for it. I was encouraged to make further discoveries. And so I'm still trying to develop myself more and more in the processing of textiles.